Terms and Conditions Applied. T&C are subject to change without prior notice.


Risk Disclosure Document (RDD)

    1. Stock Market trading is subject to Market Risk, so Trading in Stock Market includes High Risk of Losing Money.
    2. Participant has to think Twice or Thrice, the Trading Risk before joining the Course.
    3. Trading losses are the Part of Game; if Participant can’t bear loss then Stock Market trading may not be suitable to him/her.
    4. If participant thinking huge Profit by Overnight Training, then Participant should rethink to join our courses.
    5. Nobody is Holding Magical Holy Grail, through which Overnight Profits generation is possible.
    6. Stock Market Trading is combination of Science & Art. SMC can Provide Training based on Historical Books (Logical/Scientific), Past Experiences, Planning-Management and can help to adapt Skill. But overall Skill Development part depends upon Participant.
    7. SMC is not responsible for any Economical/Money loss during the course or after the Course.
    8. SMC does not give any kind of Guarantee for making Sure Profit.
    9. Strategies and Research shared are only for the Personal Reference and not for any kind of Confirmation to profitable Trades.

    Conditions Regarding Fees Payment:

    1. Application Fees Rs. 499 / 999 and not refundable.
    2. All Fees need to be paid in Advance by Cash/Cheque on or before the Date of Joining.
    3. In Case of Installments, 25% advance payment and 10% extra of Full Course Fees applicable and PDC Cheque/s are Compulsory. Maximum 6 installments within 6 months. In any circumstances all dues to be paid within maximum 6 Months if allowed on request.
    4. Fees paid won’t be refunded, Transferable once Given Confirmation to Start the Batch or once started attending Lectures.
    5. If the Batch needs to be extended for any reason more than 5 Lectures, Additional Fees per Lecture has to be paid in advance.
    6. Personal Consulting Fees Rs. 1000/Hour after Pre-appointment.
    7. In case of Guarantee given for select course only Tuition Fees would be refunded and not Administration Charges (Admin Charges are 40% in select courses).

    Conditions Regarding Attendance:

    1. Participant has to make sure possibilities to Attend All Lectures and Period/Duration of Full Batch.
    2. Except Emergency, Participant must inform about Absence by Giving Call/Message before 1Day.
    3. Once Batch Started, No Absence is allowed.
    4. No Lectures would be repeated or No Batch Shifting would be allowed if participant does not inform in Advance.
    5. Repeat Lecture or Unattended Lecture or Recorded Audio/Video would attract additional Rs. 500/Lecture or per 2Hour Lecture and the repeat lecture may be arranged with other Batch, Personal Lecture would not be arranged in any circumstances.

    Conditions Regarding Use of Office Premises:

    1. 15 or _____ Hours Practical Training is free for Select Courses, Any Additional Hour would be chargeable Rs. 300/Hour and Consulting Fees Extra.
    2. Monthly Fees for using for Office Premises is Rs. 10000, maximum 9 Hours a Day.
    3. Office Premises use is given to Adapt Trading Skill under Professional Environment and not for Personal Use or Discussions or Debates.
    4. Any Loss or Damage due to Participant Negligence, need to be paid by Participant.

    For any kind of other Disputes, Management’s Decision is Final and irrevocable and Subject to Vadodara Jurisdiction only.